TBR by Arnold and Son

Arnold & Son TBR – the watch for professionals

The power shown in many business circumstances is given by a perfect outlook and the attention to details. Everything seems to be important for a businessman and the least and apparently insignificant pieces are the ones who will make him stand out in the dreadful crowd.

Therefore, the need for a quality piece of time showing equipment is considered to be crucial. This means that the watch is supposed to be one top piece of jewelry which marks the status of a person and the way he wants to be treated by the others.

It is of great importance to adopt a watch design especially for professionals.

TBR model by Arnold & Son

As the first masterpiece of the Instrument Collection, the Arnold & Son TBR watch is supposed to be the epitome of success and of true status. The watch integrates automatic movement and a new revolutionary system called True Beat. This combo is completely manufactured in the workshops from La Chaux-de-Fonds with great care and mastership.

The design is one which will never fade away as it is inspired from the chronometers produced by the same John Roger Arnold. In this way the style is inspired by this instrument. The whole idea of the watch is to be sturdy and reliable enough to be able to enjoy the troubles of life and solve them out with great ease.

When the waves of the sea strike hard, the whole idea is to offer a precision needed to count things down to the second. In this way the watch resembles the power of sailors to use and determine longitude in order to save their lives.

True Beat and Retrograde

Unlike other predecessors, Arnold & Son TBR is considered to be a definite piece for the entire family of watches by presenting a highly recognizable design. The whole master in watch art is reduced to sheer simplicity which makes it easier to appreciate.

The name of the watch is actually derived from the initials of the True Beat system and the Retrograde function. In that way, the name will be as simple as the design, but also as complicated to grasp.

Time is in the small sub-dial structure situated at nine o’clock. This feature is present in all the watches from the Instrument Collection.

The True Beat and the Retrograde occupy the middle of the entire dial and will be front stage actors in the whole economy of the watch.

Those where the days of the true sailors

The big dominant feature is represented by the True Beat seconds, which function with great precision. In this way even navigators could rely on this type of watch during their navigation sessions on the sea. Bear with me in this moment of dreaming conquering the waves.. (That obviously  goes for the days Satellite Navigation and Global Positioning System have a black-out! )

Generally it is difficult to find this feature in today’s watches and this is why it is so appreciated. The true expertise requires pairing this system with the automatic winding feature. The whole idea is possible by using a double wheel system made out of an oscillating pinion. To it the experts have added a pallet mechanism. This needs microscopic precision and the whole manufacturing of it does not allow any drawbacks in this mechanism.

The second feature is represented by the Retrograde. This is probably another innovative complication of displaying the date. It is represented by a large sub-dial with the date written in Arabic numerals from 1 to 31. The even dates have dots to mark them out. The date hand is rather slim and has an undulating shape and will advance slowly through the days. When it reaches the 31st day, it will go back in a retrograde motion to the first day of the month. The process will repeat as often as needed.

The whole idea of a retrograde mechanism is a really difficult one to understand. It allows the little hand to advance with great precision and to show the exact date. The technology is produced with the help of LIGA fabrication secrets. If anyone wants to change the date there is the possibility of using the crown for it.

The TBR, a contemporary watch

The looks of Arnold & Son TBR give it a new idea of class by using simple ways of expressing it. The case is made of 18 carat rose gold and has a dial of sapphire. The color of it varies with two shades of white silver. Elegance is underlined by the brown alligator leather strap which will give resistance to the whole wearing of it. The reliability of the watch is seen in every little detail and the strength on the inside will gladly be shown on the outside of it all.


Technical details:
Functions: retrograde date, true beat seconds, normal display of hours and minutes
Calibre: Self-winding, ceramic ball, 34 jewels, 50 hours power reserve, exclusive mechanics
Movement decoration: Rhodium finishing, manually polished edges
Case: 18k Rose Gold, 44 mm, sapphire, anti-reflective coating
Dial: silver white
Strap: alligator leather, brown
Water resistance: 30 m