De Bethune DBD Digitale

De Bethune DBD “Digitale”

The De Bethune DBD may not be as photogenic when compared alongside other timepieces of the same caliber, but they are undoubtedly a marvel when seen in person and finally worn.

The DBD series is for the modern man who seeks for innovative design and optimum functionality.”

De Bethune only started its operations a decade ago and is currently being considered by many as one of Switzerland’s premier watch making company.

A testament to De Bethune’s tradition of exquisite watchmaking is their DBD or Digitale watch that is currently the envy of male watch aficionados all over the world.

Founders David Zanetta and Dennis Flageollet, master horlogers

De Bethune has successfully merged time and tested watchmaking engineering in combination with new-world aesthetics as seen in each and every model they release. The founders, David Zanetta and Dennis Flageollet are considered to be cutting-edge visionaries who deviated from the norms and traditions of watchmaking to deliver unique and highly impressive timepieces.

When they released De Bethune DBD or Digitale watch their supremacy saw daylight once again.

Do not be fooled by the simple appearance of the Digitale as it is truly a marvel to behold when viewed in actual. The simple and yet elegant design makes the Digitale one of the best-selling and most expensive men’s dress watches to date.

De Bethune beats a simple Rolex anytime

If you have an obsession for rare, fine-quality timepieces, you simply do not go to Rolex to get yourself one. You have to sift through all the branded watch companies to find the best. Watchmakers the world over criticize, but highly revere the De Bethune brand as they were able to find harmony between traditional and contemporary watchmaking practices. The evolution of watchmaking is manifested through their release of the De Bethune DBD model.

Although the design of De Behune DBD is rather simple for any man’s taste, the accuracy of telling time is superb. The lack of complications enabled De Bethune to manufacture the DBD with supreme movement precision.

Instead of adding bells and whistles, the company opted to concentrate on developing movement innovations that will soon be the gold standard for premier watchmaking. The accurate time telling masked by the simple and yet radical design of the De Bethune Digitale will definitely make you look and feel elegant. The rarity of this timepiece and the exquisite design will invite oohs and ahhs from those who set their eyes before this magnificent timepiece.

Simple face, great looks

Close up DBD digitale dialThe close attention to design, finishing, and construction are exceptional. The highly polished and pearled steel parts are striking as it is the first thing that you will notice upon viewing the DBD model.

Although there is, but minim art put into the construction of the Digitale, the quality of materials and the simplicity in itself is more than enough to leave aspiring owners in genuine awe. In addition the function of the De Bethune Digitale as a time telling device is outstanding.

Despite the fact that De Bethune has gone against the classical traditions of Swiss watchmaking, they have successfully pulled off an open source tradition of constructing watches; new regulations that are innovative and deliver highly accurate and efficient time telling function.

Above all else, the De Bethune Digitale is a calendar watch. Of course, the public is all familiar with the calendar watches of big names such as Patek Philippe, Breitling, and IWC. Despite their mark on the industry, watch aficionados are becoming more discerning when it comes to purchasing watch calendars. De Bethune Digitale or the DBD model offers a new design with efficient functions; more so efficient than those provided by the companies mentioned above. The great attention to detail and the never before seen design and movement features set the De Bethune DBD a notch higher above its competing rivals.

The De Bethune DBD comes in four classic variations:

  • DBDRS1- rose gold white case dial
  • DBDRS5- rose gold case anthracite dial
  • DBDWS1- white gold case grey dial
  • DBDWS5- white gold case anthracite dial

Rose or white polished gold

Although De Bethune watches are popularly known for their breakthrough designs, the Digitale takes on a very classic look which adds to its charm and beauty. The rose gold and white gold case variations are more than enough to convince men of today that it is but a worthwhile watch to purchase.

Titanium and platinum

Just like any other De Bethune timepieces, the DBD model features the signature titanium skeleton and platinum balance; both of which contribute to the precision of time telling. The triple para-chute shock absorbing system ensures that the wearer can sport the DBD for any occasion and setting. Although most men strictly wear the De Bethune for special functions and events, the construction and the materials are guaranteed to last for years.

Finest alligator leather

The De Bethune DBD features supple and classy black alligator leather with Ardillon as its buckle system.

De Bethune DBD Digitale – one of it’s kind

The versatility of the design is also one of the main selling points of Digitale. It sports sapphire crystals; that is 1800 Vickers hardness with double anti-reflective treatments. The diameter of the DBD model is at 42.88 mm and at 14.60 thick; it is neither too big nor too small for an average man. It features just the right dimensions to make it noticeable and awe-inspiring.

The DBD calendar watch of De Bethune is hand-crafted and hand-decorated to satisfy the desires of men with impeccable taste. The month, day, and year are clearly displayed well below the De Bethune logo. The polished steel parts and the brilliant technology can be attributed to the dedication and high level of craftsmanship that is placed on each and every Digitale model that leaves the boutique label’s workshop.

De Bethune has truly set new standards in horological traditions. The contemporary approach in traditional watchmaking is very much evident with the De Bethune DBD model. It accurately tells time and leaves you in awe for a lifetime.


Digitally displayed jumping hours, minutes, complete calendar indicating days, date and months, De Bethune spherical moon-phase

Calibre DB 2044 – hand‐wound digital reading mechanical movement
331 components – hand-decorated pearlised and snailed, hand-chamfered and polished steel parts, Côte De Bethune, self-regulating twin barrel, titanium/platinum balance wheel with flat terminal curve, triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system, exclusive three-dimensional moon-phase indication

32 jewels

28,800 vibrations per hour
Power reserve:

6 days

Shaped case 42.8 mm in diameter and 14.60 mm thick, integral ogive lugs

Sapphire crystal, 1800 Vickers hardness with double anti‐reflective treatment

Screw‐down at 12 o’clock, setting in two positions
Case back:

De Bethune star-studded sky in flame-blued steel with gold stars – spherical moon-phase indicator

30 meters (3atm)

Hand decorated Côte de Bethune with inline digital displays of the jumping hours, minutes, day, date and month

extra-supple black alligator leather with Ardillon buckle